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Medical Product Line Card

<p>Medical Product Line Card</p>

A listing of medical products geared towards the needs of both patient and provider.

Last Edited: 4/1/2023


Defibrillation Electrodes

Defibrillator Compatibility

<p>Defibrillator Compatibility</p>

Match defibrillator brands to HeartSync Defib Pads

Last Edited: 2/17/2023

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Defibrillator Pacing Guidelines

<p>Defibrillator Pacing Guidelines</p>

Recommended Maximum Pacing Duration for HeartSync Electrodes

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Features and Benefits

<p>Features and Benefits</p>

HeartSync Defibrillation Electrodes Features and Benefits

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Defibrillator Competitive Matrix

<p>Defibrillator Competitive Matrix</p>

HeartSync Defib Pads compared to our leading competitors

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Electrode Sellsheets

PerformancePlus Stress Test Electrodes

<p>PerformancePlus Stress Test Electrodes</p>

In critical diagnostic situations ensure quality readings, limited artifacting, and no repeat procedures with PerformancePlus.

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PerformancePlus™ Stress Test Kits

<p>PerformancePlus&trade; Stress Test Kits</p>

Our unique single use pouch containing 10 electrodes is perfect for diagnostic stress testing.

Last Edited: 2/25/2021

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PerformancePlus™ LeadLocking Electrodes

<p>PerformancePlus&trade; LeadLocking Electrodes</p>

Don’t let wires get in the way. Leadlocking™ electrodes save time and money by not having to tape down wires or replace displaced electrodes.

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EMS Electrodes

<p>EMS Electrodes</p>

Designed and packaged specifically for Emergency Services. Large size and aggressive adhesive ensure quick placement and fast, accurate readings.

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EMS Stress Test Kits

<p>EMS Stress Test Kits</p>

Built with time savings in mind, our single use pouch contains 10 electrode perfect for EMS diagnostic stress tests.

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SilveRest™ Electrodes

<p>SilveRest&trade; Electrodes</p>

Standard diagnostic electrodes with superior Silver / Silver Chloride technology and quality construction.

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SilveRest™ Tabs

<p>SilveRest&trade; Tabs</p>

For resting EKG provide excellent adhesion and quality traces. All of our tab electrodes meet or exceed the AAMI standard for disposable pre-gelled EKG electrodes.

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SilveRest™ 10 Pack Tab Electrodes

<p>SilveRest&trade; 10 Pack Tab Electrodes</p>

The market's first single-use 10 pack of tab electrodes featuring traceability and a more hygienic disposable solution.

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VersaTrode™ Wet Gel

<p>VersaTrode&trade; Wet Gel</p>

The ideal choice for all cardiac monitoring and diagnostic applications. Wet gel electrodes provide quick readings and trace stabilization

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VersaTrode™ Solid Gel

<p>VersaTrode&trade; Solid Gel</p>

The ideal choice for all cardiac monitoring and diagnostic applications. Solid gel electrodes improve adhesion and reduce clean-up.

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TenderTrode™ Electrodes

<p>TenderTrode&trade; Electrodes</p>

Complete line of electrodes for infant and pediatric use. Designed with gentle adhesives and soft conforming materials to ensure comfort.

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TenderTrode™ Prewired

<p>TenderTrode&trade; Prewired</p>

Our line of pre-wired electrodes for use in the PICU/NICU and other neonatal applications. Available in various sizes as well as metallic or radiolucent lead wires.

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TenderTrode Plus™ Electrodes

<p>TenderTrode Plus&trade; Electrodes</p>

5 Day Wear Time! Hydrocolloid products are designed for the unique needs of the neonatal market.

Last Edited: 6/2/2020

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ClearScan™ Electrodes

<p>ClearScan&trade; Electrodes</p>

Electrodes with a carbon-filled plastic snap that will not interfere with your Nuclear Imaging Systems.

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SofTouch™ Electrodes

<p>SofTouch&trade; Electrodes</p>

Electrodes specifically designed for patients with sensitive skin. It’s large size and gentle materials make it the perfect option.

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Guardian™ Electrodes

<p>Guardian&trade; Electrodes</p>

Designed for use in ICU/CCU and other long-term applications. Guardian electrodes are available in soft cloth, breathable tape, or occlusive foam.

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NeuroPlus™ Electrodes

<p>NeuroPlus&trade; Electrodes</p>

Electrodes for use in Sleep studies and other neurological applications. Smaller size allows easy placement on the face or other difficult locations.

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Versatrode+ & Simply Snap Electrodes

<p>Versatrode+ &amp; Simply Snap Electrodes</p>

Specially designed offset and snap n' tab electrodes provide a versatile option for use throughout the hospital and reduces the chance for errors during application.

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PNS Dual Element™ Electrodes

<p>PNS Dual Element&trade; Electrodes</p>

For accurate and reliable testing of the effectiveness of nerve blockers, Nissha Medical Technologies | Healthcare Solutions PNS Dual Element™ electrodes are a must.


ZBrand Electrodes

<p>ZBrand Electrodes</p>

Zbrand Electrodes were developed to meet the requirements of the entire hospital by offering an economic, generic patient monitoring solution with quality performance.


TENS Electrodes

<p>TENS Electrodes</p>

Reusable Electrodes for Electrical Stimulation

Last Edited: 5/16/2022

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Holter Kits

<p>Holter Kits</p>

Nissha Medical Technologies | Healthcare Solutions Holter Kits are intended for use in conjunction with a portable holter monitor, typically worn for 24-48 hours to detect irregularities in your heart rhythm that a standard electrocardiogram could not detect.


Respiratory Therapy

Securement Devices

<p>Securement Devices</p>

A variety of patient monitoring and respiratory solutions including securement devices.

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