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Vermed ECG Electrodes are known throughout the industry as the leading choice for diagnostic electrodes. ECG Electrodes come in many different shapes and sizes. At Vermed we offer a variety of Electrodes for all of your patient monitoring needs.
Cardiac Monitoring Diagnostic EKG
Radiolucent ECG Pediatric ECG
Vermed Defib Pads were designed with your needs in mind. After years of studying the competitive brands available, the Vermed Innovation Team identified several ways to improve the the defibrillator pads you are using today. Vermed Defib Pads are a step above the other brands.
Defibrillator Pads  
Electrotherapy products from Vermed are well known for their high quality and ease of use. Our Chronicare™ Electrodes feature a silver ink/carbon film conductive layer and are proven to efficiently disperse electrical current over the entire surface of the electrode. Our Electrodes are made of a flexible and conforming soft cloth, allowing placement on a variety of target areas for fast-acting pain relief.

Vermed offers a complete line of Ultrasound Gels and Accessories.
Ultrasound Gels Probe Covers
Gel Warmers Conductive Media
Disinfectants Fetal Belts
Vermed is an authorized distributor for Sony and Mitsubishi diagnostic imaging media.
Sony Ultrasound Film Mitsubishi Film
Graphic Controls Film  
Vermed manufactures a full line of high quality medical Electrodes for use in all medical physiological measurement applications. Specialty Electrodes from Vermed include disposable electrodes for Sleep Studies, EMG, NCS, EP and PNS.
Neuro Electrodes PNS Electrode

Vermed offers a broad assortment of Cables and Leadwires to work with all equipment manufacturers including GE/Marquette, Philips/HP, Nihon Kohden and Spacelabs.
Cables and Leadwires Cable Finder
Vermed is always introducing the latest in medical devices to improve processes and patient outcomes. From Central Line Wraps to Compass Pressure Monitoring, our Innovation Team can help.
CareAline - Central Line Wrap Compass Pressure Monitor
CareAline - PICC Line Wrap StedLine - IV Stabilization

Vermed, a Graphic Controls company is the ORIGINAL Chart Paper manufacturer and most DIVERSE producer of Electrodes. Vermed manufacturers in the USA and around the world to strict OEM specifications and performance criteria.

Vermed Electrodes are changing the pace of hospital care through enduring innovation. With cost and performance in mind our products are rapidly becoming a vital component in every hospital department. From SofTouch™ electrodes for everyday patient comfort and care, to TenderTrode Plus™ NICU Electrodes, with guaranteed 5 day extended wear, we have you covered - welcome to the Vermed experience.

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