Chart Catalog

Charts & Accessories

Vermed offers a complete line of charts and accessories for use in patient monitoring. Chart Papers, Ultrasound Films, Gels, Fetal Belts and more.

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Electrode Catalog

Electrodes & Defib Pads

Our complete catalog of Vermed Electrodes and Defibrillator Pads. From VersaTrode to Tendertrode, we have electrodes for use throughout any facility.

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Performance Plus Electrodes

PerformancePlus™ Electrodes

In critical diagnostic situations ensure quality readings, limited artifacting, and no repeat procedures with PerformancePlus.

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Performance Plus Stress Test Kit

PerformancePlus™ Stress Test Kits

Our unique single use pouch containing 10 electrodes is perfect for diagnostic stress testing.

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Performance Plus Leadlocking

PerformancePlus™ LeadLocking

Don’t let wires get in the way. Leadlocking™ electrodes save time and money by not having to tape down wires or replace displaced electrodes.

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EMS Electrodes

EMS Electrodes

Designed and packaged specifically for Emergency Services. Large size and aggressive adhesive ensure quick placement and fast, accurate readings.

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EMS Stress Test Kit

EMS Stress Test Kits

Built with time savings in mind, our single use pouch contains 10 electrode perfect for EMS diagnostic stress tests.

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SilveRest Electrodes

SilveRest™ Electrodes

Standard diagnostic electrodes with superior Silver / Silver Chloride technology and quality construction.

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SilveRest Tab Electrodes

SilveRest™ Tabs

For resting EKG provide excellent adhesion and quality traces. All of our tab electrodes meet or exceed the AAMI standard for disposable pre-gelled EKG electrodes.

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VersaTrode Solid Gel Electrodes

VersaTrode™ Solid Gel

The ideal choice for all cardiac monitoring and diagnostic applications. Solid gel electrodes improve adhesion and reduce clean-up.

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VersaTrode Wet Gel Electrodes

VersaTrode™ Wet Gel

The ideal choice for all cardiac monitoring and diagnostic applications. Wet gel electrodes provide quick readings and trace stabilization

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TenderTrode Electrodes

TenderTrode™ Electrodes

Complete line of electrodes for infant and pediatric use. Designed with gentle adhesives and soft conforming materials to ensure comfort.

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TenderTrode Prewired

TenderTrode™ Prewired

Our line of pre-wired electrodes for use in the PICU/NICU and other neonatal applications. Available in various sizes as well as metallic or radiolucent lead wires.

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TenderTrode Plus Electrodes

TenderTrode Plus™ Electrodes

5 Day Wear Time - Guaranteed! Hydrocolloid products are designed for the unique needs of the neonatal market

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ClearScan Electrodes

ClearScan™ Electrodes

Electrodes with a carbon-filled plastic snap that will not interfere with your Nuclear Imaging Systems.

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SofTouch Electrodes

SofTouch™ Electrodes

Electrodes specifically designed for patients with sensitive skin. It’s large size and gentle materials make it the perfect option.

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Guardian Electrodes

Guardian™ Electrodes

Designed for use in ICU/CCU and other long-term applications. Guardian electrodes are available in soft cloth, breathable tape, or occlusive foam.

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NeuroPlus Electrodes

Neuro Plus™ Electrodes

Electrodes for use in Sleep studies and other neurological applications. Smaller size allows easy placement on the face or other difficult locations.

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Defib Pads

Defibrillator Pads

Designed with your needs in mind. Our Defib Pad line is not just different - it is a step above the other brands.

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PNS Dual Element Electrodes

PNS Dual Element™ Electrodes

For accurate and reliable testing of the effectiveness of nerve blockers, Vermed PNS Dual Element™ electrodes are a must.

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Tens Electrodes

TENS Electrodes

TENS involves the application of electrical current through electrodes placed on the skin through the accompanied use of the BioStim Plus® TENS Unit or similar TENS Units.

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Performance Plus Electrodes

Private Label Chart Papers

Your brand, packaging and specifications on OEM quality chart papers.

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Defib Pads

Private Label Electrodes

Your brand, packaging and specifications on our high quality electrodes.

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Sharps Containers

Sharps Containers & Medical Waste

Vermed offers a complete line of single use medical waste and sharps containers. Our containers are available in a variety of sizes and have a permanent locking system for safe transport.

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Defib Pads

Histoacryl® Tissue Seal

Histoacryl® Flexible has been designed to combine flexibility and strength to close and protect wounds.

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